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Keep my runescape account safe

posted by shizhixuan 4 years ago under runescape account, buy runescape account

 We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few ways you can help keep your runescape account safe! Jagex has written a nice article about it here but we will also reiterate a few of their points:

    Have a unique password that is impossible to guess! Your RuneScape password should not be used anywhere other than Do not use the same password for fan sites or your e-mail or anything else. This password should not be a dictionary word and should not contain any personal information. A mixture of random letters and numbers is always best! Also remember to never share your password with anyone - not even with friends or family. Jagex Mods will also never ask you for your password!
    Make sure your computer is secure! Install and update anti-virus software. Make full scans (not quick scans!) regularly - ideally once a day. Make sure you have all of your computer updates installed. It is also recommended that you use a browser addon to block adverts, as sometimes they can be malicious!
    Don't fall for phishing scams! Phishing scams are when you receive an e-mail from someone who *appears* to be Jagex. They migh

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